We are a small team of talented professionals with a wide range of skills and experience. We love what we do, and we do it with passion. We look forward to working with you.

Vishal Singh

CEO & Founder of Leads Flick

Journey Starts with the graduation in IT sector and always wanted to try something new. I worked 2 year in an NGO during my graduation and came back to my hometown. Took admission in MBA and Pandemic sticked. Then I thought why not grab the opportunity and thought of Leadsflick. Leadsflick is an emotion for me. Although I do not exactly the characteristics of Entrepreneurship but i always believe in Team Work. My Team is everything for me. We work together. We learn together, we earn together.

Specialist: Six Sigma, Digital Marketing

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Diksha Gupta

Chief Operating Officer (COO)

“With great power comes great responsibility”, and that is absolutely right. I look after leadsflick in every possible way. Starting from collaborating with the team till the client management. I always seek to find best possible way to solve the riddle in each and every field. I am kind of troubleshooters. I love doing new and unique work. I like HR personality a lot and also HR role. It feels good when your team member’s problem solves by you. I like to read books because it helps me to think out of the box and sometimes i play Sudoku .

Specialist: Management, Teamwork, Leadership,and Team Management, Six Sigma

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Shreya Gupta

Public Relation Manager

An outreach and an effective collaborator in LeadsFlick, which aims at raising hands to lead the efforts, ideas, willingness and a sheer interest to work with zeal. That’s the linchpin of LeadsFlick, that makes me proud to be it’s ingredient.
Hoping a happy bonding and a fortunate tieup in the coming future.

Specialist: lean Six Sigma Certified from Eduonix.

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Aman Gupta

Social Media Manager

I effectively handle clients and have strong knowledge of MS Office.
Demonstrable passion for Social Media and Marketing/Advertising also
Performing research on current benchmark trends and audience preferences.Designing and implementing social media strategy to align with business goals.
Get more information about our company:-Lead flicks is a brand that is effectively working to make your business grow digitally.
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Saloni Kushwah

Cluster Manager

I manage and guide interns and make aware about our organisation Leadsflick.
I have experience in various domains like Social media marketing ,Digital marketing,Business development and Social Networking.

I have strong interest in technical range like Software developement , Web development and many more.
With learning attitude , I strongly believes in when you are enthusiastic about what you do,you feel this positive energy

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Neha Kumari

Cluster Manager

A young woman with keen interest towards business and marketing.
Continuously working in technical and managerial skills.
I wish to gain experience and add value simultaneously while working with the organisation. I strongly believe that self growth brings new opportunities in life and find a better vision.

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Farheen Parveen

Cluster Manager

My journey started as an intern and got promoted as a cluster manager. I enjoy my role to the fullest. Firstly I want to tell why I love marketing. I get to make people fall in love with the brand,get to work with amazing brands and marketing is constantly evolving and I’m someone who loves change and enjoy not doing the same job again.
My work is hiring interns , having a telephonic conversation , working passionately with them and motivating them time and again for keeping their morale high. I have full faith in the company and its working.

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