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People create, share, or interchange information, career ideas, interest and pictures/videos in virtual communities and networks through social media platforms. A collection of interest-based programs that are designed on the technological and ideological grounds of web and that permit the formation and interchange of content generated by the users is defined as Social Media.

Additionally, social media collectively uses web-fund based and mobile technologies to build and interactive platform through which different people and communities create, debate, share, and transform content generated by users. In order to communicate among individuals, communities, business, and organisations, some significant and prevalent modifications are introduced. Social media contradicts with traditional media in several ways which include permanence, from promptness, utility frequency reach and quality. Social media operates in duplex transmission where as traditional media operates under a simplex transmission model.

Leadsflick works as a bridege between advertiser and Publisher . Leadsflick is providing the plateform for leaners and also for earners . We are promoting the verious campagins for different websites and for Applications , depending upon the demand of the clients .
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