Say no to crackers, Go Green this 2020!

This Diwali Go green.

India is a country of festive seasons. Every month announces the arrival of a new festival that feels the people with enormous energy more than ever. One such festival is Diwali, popularly, the festival of lights. As we all know this festival carries a lot of symbolism. One that it is the festival of lights, hence it removes all the darkness in one’s life. Secondly, people believe goddess Laxmi and lord Ganesha visit the houses and bless them. 

Diwali is also celebrated across India, owing to the fact that lord Rama returned to Ayodhaya  from 14 years of banwas. It is believed that the people of ayodhaya celebrated to welcome their ruler back to his home. 

During Diwali, people clean their homes and decorate them with a lots of colorful lights everywhere. Not only the lights are used, people including small children also burst fire crackers to celebrate Diwali and hence to celebrate their happiness in the festivity. This is where the problem arises.

It has been observed in the last few years, that, at the time of Diwali, celebrated in India, there happens to be an increased amount of pollution across the country. This pollution mainly occurs in the form of air. This is because of the ashes remaining from bursting crackers or the smoke ejected from them gets exposed to the open air, which is then responsible to degrade the air quality way more dangerously than done via emissions from factories or vehicles.

Not only the pollution degrades the air quality for a day, but the harmful effect, in reality, persists for a very long duration. This duration is long enough to cause breathing problems to humans and animals, and growth problems in plants. 

The pollution caused is seemingly increasing at a rate and may in the near future may reach to an extent where there will be not air (oxygen) for the survival of life on this planet. 

We are all currently well aware of the pandemic situation, that is increasing and engulfing a lot of peoples daily. Many people are still under ventilation and observation, while their lives are still in danger. In such a situation, if we people keep on celebrating diwali, specifically with crackers, we might make the patients suffer hard.

It is not hidden that the patients face problems in breathing if they are caught by the corona virus. In such a situation, if there exists an unchecked pollution of air quality by bursting crackers, then it might make them suffer even more and then no one can predict if the non-patients would be safe after this.

To solve this problem to some extent, the government of India has taken the initiative to ban the use of fire crackers in the year 2020 on the occasion of Diwali across the country. It seems nit acceptable to many of us about not bursting crackers, but what if one day we are also caught by the virus and people refuse to follow the rules made for us just like we might be doing? That would be terrible. Hence, we need to follow the rules just by putting ourselves in their shoes.

To support this initiative of the government, LeadsFlick has decided to plant one tree at different places with the money used to buy crackers. This may not be able to heal the environment fully, but this makes a possible message that we are with the government and want everyone to be free from this virus.

Definitely, we invest a lot of money in buying crackers of various types, probably a long list is prepared. But ever wondered what if this money was used to help someone in need? Wouldn’t they praise us? The initiative taken by LeadsFlick encourages this concept. 

Now, it is in our hands how to use the money. Burn the money (buying crackers from that money and then gradually burning it at the end till nothing is left) or plant the money (planting trees with the money and obtaining trees in the future that provide oxygen to survive)? Choose wisely.

2 thoughts on “Say no to crackers, Go Green this 2020!

  1. Possibilities are always there. One needs to look around to the ordinary and sense the extraordinary hidden behind that. So, this Diwali, look within, you have it! And strive for the change. This Diwali, something better than just noisy evenings, this Diwali dedicated to future, dedicated to plantation, towards saplings of new. We Millenials are responsible that the coming generation doesn’t blames, but appraises Us.
    So, Cheers to those freshly polished glossy leaves in our surroundings in coming weeks. 🌱



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